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Apply here to be considered for membership to Unicorn Goods.

Applications are reviewed as they are received. Not all brands are good fits for Unicorn Goods. We will contact you if you are selected to move forward in the setup process and join the site.

NOTE: You must have a confirmed and operational affiliate program to submit this form. If you recently signed up with VigLink and have not yet completed the setup process with VigLink staff, this is not the form for you. Please wait to hear from VigLink, sign up with another affiliate network.

Submit an Application:

Include the direct link we can use to apply to your program. If you don't have this link, then this is not the form for you. You should instead either wait to complete your VigLink setup, register with another affiliate network and complete their setup.
My affiliate program has the ability to generate custom tracking links to specific pages within my website. *
You need to have an affilaite program that allows for the creation of "custom links," which are also called "deep links." Unicorn Goods will use this feature to create a trackable link to each item listed on Unicorn Goods. By checking the below box, you have verified that your affiliate program carries this feature, which allows affiliates to direct customers to a page other than just your homepage.
Minimum 10% commission met
By checking this box, you agree to pay Unicorn Goods a minimum of a 10% commission through your affiliate program. If your affiliate program is set below 10%, you will need to pre-approve us in your system for at least 10%.
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Company contact
My company is a vegan company with a public mission statement available on our website that outlines our commitment to vegan products and that we do not and will never use animal products or by products, or test on animals. *
This is required for brands listed on Unicorn Goods. If this does not describe your company, you must be willing to update your mission statement to reflect this commitment for consideration.
I am able to provide sample products for review as part of the membership application process. *
While not required, we may request to review your products in order to ensure that our quality standards are met. You will be notified if this is something we would like to do with you as a part of your application process.