our branding guidelines


These are the standards we use to determine the brands, products, and content that go on


For product images used as a part of item listings, we generally require that available graphics meeting the below guidelines:

  • no obvious filters to distort the image
  • JPEG or JPG
  • square
  • minimum resolution of 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels
  • at least 200 pixels margin on all sides between the edge of the item and the edge of the image frame
  • isolated product shots (just one item - two items of the same item do not count - one object only)
    • for clothing: flat lay
      • no models
      • no manequins, hangers, hands, limbs or shaping props visible
        • if you use these for staging, you must remove all visual evidence in the final photos, including glare
    • for footwear: single shoe from the side at eye level
    • for makeup: unpackaged single items at eye level
    • for other products: just a single item from a clear angle at eye level without any packaging or extra items in the shot
  • no set objects in the photo, nothing else in the photo except the lone object
    • no foliage, inclusion of ingredients, or other materials in the photo - just a single item (see above)
  • plain, solid white background
  • no pixelated or distorted images
  • no obviously cropped, touched up, or recolored images

To help you create product images that are appropriate for Unicorn Goods, here is a great video that walks you through the process and equipment you need.


On brand's on website

For brands themselves that are a part of Unicorn Goods, we generally require that the brand meets the below guidelines on the brand's own website:

  • for video: professional footage, not a slide show; professional sound quality
    • Video content is optional, but an appropriate brand video can be selected by Unicorn Goods staff in place of the banner image on the brand's collection page. Video content that you do have on Youtube or your brand's website should meet this standard.
  • for logos: adequate padding around the mark, no solid underlay backgrounds that are not part of the mark itself
  • adherence to a consistent brand guide 
  • one consistent logo and mark
  • two or three fonts and colors
  • consistent and professional online presence
    • URLs, email addresses, and social media accounts all coordinate
    • presence is not an individual, but a company
    • main contact for the brand is a company email address defined by the domain name, not a personal email address
      • for example:
        • acceptable
          • etc.
        • unacceptable
          • etc.
  • on-trend, mainstream in appeal
  • unified display (for banner images and brand videos)
    • not displaying multiple graphics or images on the same screen (also known as a "collage")
  • no clip art
  • no additional logos, other than relevant certifications
    • any additional permittable logos must be at least half the size of your logo, and may only be displayed once (all together) at the bottom of the image, or at the end of the video

As represented on Unicorn Goods

Brand Landing Pages

In order to be eligible for a landing page on Unicorn Goods, brands must have at least three items listed. Food brands that are not 100% vegan are ineligible for brand pages.

Brand Descriptions

For the way that our brands are represented on Unicorn Goods, we use the following guidelines:

  • Brand descriptions are written by Unicorn Goods staff and meet the below criteria:
    • 1-2 sentences about the brand's merits and certifications
    • Complete sentences
    • Proper punctuation and capitalization
    • Factual
      • We choose to only include relevant and differentiating information that has already occurred, such as certifications and major awards.
    • Objective
      • no adjectives
    • Concise
      • We prefer to leave descriptions short and sweet with minimal information.
  • Company name is written with just the first letters of words capitalized and no additional punctuation.
    • for example: Unicorn Goods, not:
      • unicorn goods
      • unicorngoods
      • etc.

We keep these descriptions brief and to the point. It is our goal that customers be driven to your website, where they can discover more in-depth information about your brand. Since this brand description is duplicated on each item page, it needs to fit the space allotted on the product pages.

We do not accept requests to edit or amend brand descriptions unless there is a factual discrepancy.

Selected Products

Not all of a brand's products may be selected for Unicorn Goods. Often, only a portion of a brand's total offerings are selected for listing on Unicorn Goods reserves the curatorial license to select items based on subjective guidelines and on a case-by-case basis. Generally, here is how we determine if an item will be listed on Unicorn Goods:

  • Minimalism
    • We generally prefer items that are solid colors. Black items and neutral items are preferred over bold colors that may go out of fashion. We seek items that are attractive across style seasons. We prefer items that lack unnecessary embellishments, wording, decoration, or embroidery, though we sometimes make exceptions within certain product categories such as graphic T-shirts or for items that are especially well-executed.
  • Quality
    • We generally prefer higher quality items to fast fashion items. We do make exceptions to this preference for items that are difficult to find vegan or that fill a demonstrated need in the market that is not being met by current offerings on UnicornGoods.
  • Style
    • We prefer products that are style neutral, meaning that they can be worn by individuals espousing a wide variety of styles. This ensures that the items listed on Unicorn Goods will appeal to a wide audience.
    • We generally refrain from listing clothing that can be defined as costume, dress-up, or novelty clothing.
    • We generally refrain from listing items that are industry specific, job specific, or that can be defined as a uniform or dress code for companies or corporations.
  • As direct to the brand as possible
    • While Unicorn Goods works with resellers, online boutiques, and online stores to list items from brands that may not already have a presence on Unicorn Goods, we prefer to list items directly from the brand's own website. If you are a reseller that sells items from different brands, you can expect that items from brands that have a relationship with Unicorn Goods may not be selected for addition to Unicorn Goods in order to avoid duplication.

We are happy to consider items by request or provide an additional explaination for why items were not selected.

Product Descriptions

For the products that are listed on Unicorn Goods, we use the following guidelines:

  • Product descriptions are written by Unicorn Goods staff and meet the below criteria:
    • 1 standard sentence about the item that states what it is and who makes or sells it, followed by the brand description (see above)
    • Complete sentences
    • Proper punctuation and capitalization

Additional Information

We accept suggestions for the above, but do not guarantee total control over brand representation on Unicorn Goods. We have standards to make sure that items appear uniform across the site.

We reserve the right to reject images, branding, and items that do not meet the above subjective standards.

If you are unsure if your branding is in line with this guide, contact us.