Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions that companies who sell products through Unicorn Goods frequently have. We'll do our best to answer them. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Do you help me with promotion?

We try to help as much as possible with promotion of new and timely products. We encourage you to let us know at least two weeks in advance if you know that you have a new release coming up, or a special promotion, so that we can try to help you promote. We can’t promise specific promotion unless it is reviewed and approved ahead of time by Unicorn Goods staff. Decisions for guaranteed promotions are made on a case by case basis and are subject to payment. If you would like to secure specific promotion, contact us and a staff member will be in touch to get you started. You must already be a member of Unicorn Goods in order to be eligible for additional promotion.

Will you promote my crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc.)?

We cannot promote crowdfunding campaigns. While we love these campaigns, promoting them to shoppers is confusing to those using Unicorn Goods to purchase products. Since the products are not yet available, this method of promotion is not the best route for you. We encourage you to reach out to us for ideas on vegan media to reach out to.

How do I know if it's working?

Your affiliate network will track sales for you. Sales are tracked through a process called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing uses information that is tracked when someone clicks a link from one site to another. This tracking is done by placing a pixel, or line of code, into the back end of your website. Once this is in place, the pixel will fire when a purchase is made, sending basic customer information, including the website that referred that customer to make the purchase in the first place, to the affiliate network. This information is tracked and billed. For example, if someone visits UNICORNGOODS.COM and clicks AVAILABLE HERE, it will take them to your website where they make a purchase. When this purchase is completed, the customer’s basic information and the fact that they came from our website to yours is sent to your affiliate network.

Are there contracts to work with you?

No. There are no contracts, and you can end your relationship with us at any time by emailing us.

What are the costs and fees?

There are no fees to list your items, an we take 10% of successfully referred sales, in addition to the amount charged by your affiliate network. For example, users of VigLink can expect to pay 13.5% total. Some affiliate networks have monthly maintenance fees. VigLink has waived the monthly maintenance fee for UNICORNGOODS.COM affiliated brands.

How does billing work?

Commission billing is handled by your affiliate network.

If someone goes through your site and clicks through to buy something from me, but then later buys something else, do you still take a percentage?

If the customer returns directly to your website without going through UNICORNGOODS.COM and clicking an AVAILABLE HERE link, then no, we will not take a percentage of that sale. We only take percentages of sales that generate from AVAILABLE HERE clicks from UNICORNGOODS.COM.

What happens if someone clicks thorough from Unicorn Goods to my website, but doesn't buy anything?

There is a window of time (normally 60 days) during which a customer needs to make a purchase in order for that purchase to be considered as coming from UNICORNGOODS.COM. If a customer goes to UNICORNGOODS.COM, clicks through to your website, leaves your website without making a purchase, then returns within 60 days and makes a purchase, Unicorn Goods is due a commission of that referred sale. If no purchase is made within 60 days, no payment to Unicorn Goods occurs.

What about returns?

Returns can be adjusted with your affiliate network.

Can you give me a discount?

We are unable to offer discounts at this time.

What is the set up process like?

You need to have an affiliate network in order to be listed with us. Once you have an affiliate network, we will ask to be added to your network as a publisher. Then, we will upload your items to our website. If you don’t have an affiliate network, you will need to establish a relationship with an affiliate network before you can work with us. We recommend VigLink.

The setup process for VigLink starts with applying to be a part of their network. Once your application has been accepted, a VigLink representative will walk you through placing a pixel, or single line of code, into a specific place in the back end of your website. Once the pixel is in place, your VigLink representative will assist you in placing a test order to make sure that everything is tracking properly. You will receive a login to a VigLink portal where you can see your referred sales traffic and invoice balance. After the test order has been successfully placed and tracked, Viglink will notify us. We will then reach out to you so that we can begin the upload to UNICORNGOODS.COM.

Do I need to have a developer on staff, or hire a programer, to work with you?

No, you don’t need to have a developer or programmer in order to work with us. In order to work with us, you need to have an established affiliate network. Your affiliate network should be able to provide you with the small amount of technical support that you need.

How does uploading work, is that something that I do?

We do all of the uploading for you. Sometimes, we will request additional images or information if we feel like what you have displayed on your website could benefit from more clarity and content. We welcome suggestions for item descriptions and requests that we use specific images. Any items that you would like to be excluded from the upload should be noted ahead of time by informing your Unicorn Goods contact in advance of the upload.

It's taking a really long time for my items to go up on Unicorn Goods, what's the deal?

We prioritize items based on a set of values pre-determined by Unicorn Goods staff. You can request your priority level from a member of Unicorn Goods staff if you would like to know where you stand. You can learn more about our priority levels here.

How does item listing maintenance work?

We update listings as needed. We encourage you to let us know when you release new items, so that we can get those up on UNICORNGOODS.COM as soon as possible. We also encourage you to let us know at least two weeks in advance if you know that you have a new release coming up, or a special promotion, so that we can try to help you promote.

Can you promote my brand or products on your homepage, in your newsletter, or on social media?

We have special opportunities for our brands who would like extra promotion on top of being listed on We look forward to collaborating with you and helping you grow. The first step is becoming a brand that is listed with us. After you are listed with us, you can reach out to us directly to work together on a custom promotional package that works well for you.

Do you have branding guidelines?

Yes. Learn more.

I only sell through Etsy, Amazon, or Zappos. Can I still work with you?

No. We need to work with your freestanding online store.

What is all of this talk about "affiliate" this and that?

Learn more here.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting us.

What currency do you use, and can you bill me in a different currency?

All prices are in the United States Dollar (USD). We do not offer different rates in other currencies. Differences in assessed prices are subject to international currency market fluctuations.

Why haven't all of my items been listed on Unicorn Goods?

Unicorn Goods selects items to list based on our branding standards. You can read more about which items we pick and why under "Selected Products" here.

Does Unicorn Goods list sale prices?

No. Unicorn Goods does not list price changes unless they are permanent price changes. If you have a permanent price change and would like to request that we update your listings, contact us with a request.

Do I get preferrential treatment if I offer you a higher commission rate?

No. Unicorn Goods does not give preferrential treatment based on variations in commissions.

I am a reseller. Can I still work with Unicorn Goods?

Yes. Unicorn Goods works with resellers, online stores, and online boutiques. In order to be eligible to work with Unicorn Goods as a reseller, you must transparently disclose which brands your products are under on the pages that define your product listings.

I am a reseller and I sell a brand that is already listed on Unicorn Goods. What happens?

Unicorn Goods prefers to list items directly from the brands themselves rather than through resellers. If you are a reseller and carry items from brands that have a relationship with Unicorn Goods, identical items will be listed from the brand's own website to avoid duplication. If you as a reseller carry items that the brand no longer lists on their own website, then Unicorn Goods may choose to list those items from your website since there is no problem with duplication.

I can't afford to work with Unicorn Goods because the Affiliate Program is too expensive for my brand. What should I do?

Unicorn Goods is for brands that have a healthy business model and are ready for increased sales that can scale their business. The Affiliate Program is designed to keep costs low for brands. If your brand cannot afford the commission due for successfully referred sales, here are few suggestions that can help you adjust your business model to be more able to work with Unicorn Goods.

INCREASE YOUR PRICES This is one of two ways to increase the margin on products. If the current margin is too small to be able to accommodate an affiliate program in line with Unicorn Goods' requirements, then consider raising your prices to increase this margin. Individuals looking for vegan products are more price agnostic than most consumers - if you have a good product, people will be willing to pay for it at a fair price.

LOWER YOUR COSTS This is the second of two ways to increase the margin on products. If the current margin is too small to be able to accommodate an affiliate program in line with Unicorn Goods' requirements, then consider lowering your costs to increase this margin. Consider places that aren't adding value to the products themselves, or that may not be having the impact you were hoping for and continue to increase the costs of production.

ITEMIZE YOUR SHIPPING COSTS, HANDLING COSTS, & FEES In order to free up your margin, you could consider pulling out costs that are currently being hidden or concealed within the purchase price of the item itself. This is also known as "externalizing costs" or "passing costs along to consumers" and is better for transparence because it allows customers to know where there money is specifically going when then pay you. For example, if you offer free shipping, then your shipping costs are simply included in the price of the item. Consider allowing the prices for each product to be just for the item itself, and passing on additional costs to the consumer by adding these items in the checkout cart.

Unicorn Goods looks forward to working with your brand, and encourages you to stay in touch and reach out when you can afford to work with us to help you grow your business.

No. Due to the nature of our site, promo codes don't work well with our platform for the following reasons:

1) Due to the volume of shoppers we process, we have kept the site streamlined to allow for the easiest shopping experience possible. Referral codes add extra text to the item descriptions and slow down the shopping experience for our visitors and your customers.

2) Our shoppers are generally not discount shoppers. They are rather price agnostic when it comes to high quality vegan products. They're willing to pay what the item is worth, and don't generally respond well to sales and discount promotions. This is why we don't list sale pricing on Unicorn Goods.

3) We need a transparent way to track referral results for billing purposes. Promo codes are only trackable on the client end, which isn't sufficient for our billing protocols. We need to be able to easily access in real time the metrics related to all affiliate links.

If you do not have an affiliate program, we provide detailed instructions on how to get an affiliate network and set it up, complete with recommendations.

Would you be able to show us any metrics or analytics that indicate the amount of visitors and web traffic you're receiving? We would love to see screenshots of a Google Analytics report.

We cannot provide a Google Analytics screenshot, but you are welcome to do your own research.

What determines which products are closer to the top of your product pages and collections?

Products appear at the top of collections based on when they are added, with newest items appearing at the top.

How many items are we allowed to promote on your website?

We select the items we feel are a good fit; there is no limit.

Is there a minimum time commitment that you request from your affiliates?


What's your normal protocol in the event that a customer asks you a question about our products? Do you forward this inquiry to us or address it yourself?

We would normally forward the response if it's not something we could easily answer

How long does it take to get my products on Unicorn Goods?

Once you have either been accepted as a member, you will be placed in the queue to have your products added to Unicorn Goods. We do not provide a time estimate for products going live and work in a prioritized order based on internally established goals and metrics. You can email us to request an update on the process at any point. If there is a time-sensitive issue that makes an earlier upload pertinent, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Still have questions?