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We recommend registering with VigLink as your affiliate program if you don't already have an affiliate program. To learn more about what an affiliate network is, click here.

Questions? Click below to learn more about VigLink before signing up.

VigLink does not have any monthly maintenance fees or setup fees. Rather, VigLink takes a cut of the commissions you earn from affiliates before paying the affiliates themselves. VigLink takes a quarter (25%) of the revenue you earn as their fee for service.

Since VigLink takes a cut of affiliate revenue, the amount paid by the brand is slightly higher than it would otherwise be through another affilaite platform that does require monthly fees and setup costs. To ensure that Unicorn Goods receives 10% commission, brands that use VigLink as the platform must offer 13.5% total. This ensures that the amount that makes it through to Unicorn Goods after VigLink takes its cut is 10%.

VigLink has waived the $250 set up deposit for our brands, meaning that there are no setup fees or monthly maintenance costs. VigLink has excellent customer service, is very easy to use, has a streamlined design, incorporates a simple interface, and potentially gives you access to a large network of publishers.

How It Works

To track sales that we refer to you, VigLink uses a line of code that won't affect the appearance or functionality of your site. With VigLink's help, you'll place this code in the shopping cart section of your website, and when a customer from Unicorn Goods makes a purchase, VigLink will record that sale.

You won't need to upload your items, inventory, catalogue, or images to VigLink. The only thing you'll need to do is select a few settings with VigLink and insert the line of code they will give you. That's it.

You will also have the option of working with other websites in addition to Unicorn Goods through VigLink.

Check out our glossary for a list of items that will be helpful to this process.

VigLink can work with the following website service shopping cart providers:

  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Plentymarkets

VigLink can not work with the following website service shopping cart providers:

  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • Big Cartel
  • Etsy stores

WEEBLY If you use Weebly, we recommend that you use Tapfiliate as your affiliate provider. Tapfiliate is a plug-in that integrates with Weebly. Plans start at $69/mo. You can learn more or sign up for Tapfiliate here. You can also sign up for our Subscription Program.

WORDPRESS If you use Wordpress, we recommend that you use AffiliateWP as your affiliate provider. AffiliateWP is a plug-in that integrates with Wordpress. Plans start at $99/mo. You can learn more or sign up for AffiliateWP here. You can also sign up for our Subscription Program.

BIG CARTEL Big Cartel is incompatible with all affiliate network providers and affiliate plug ins. We recommend switching to Shopify or signing up for our Subscription Program.

VITACOST, AMAZON, ZAPPOS & ETSY We prefer to work with your own freestanding e-commerce store instead of a reseller. If you do not have or plan on having a freestanding e-commerce store, then we can work with you through these four resellers through our Subscription Program.

We require a 10% commission on all sales. VigLink requires an extra 3.5% commission on top of the 10% that we take. This additional 3.5% is in payment for their servies as the third party affiliate network. If you are uncomfortable with this pricing structure, you may like to explore different third party affiliate networks. We recommend Tapfiliate, Affiliately, and Refersion as alternatives to VigLink, if you decide not to use VigLink for any reason. You can also sign up for our Subscription Program.

Reasons you may choose to go with an alternative to VigLink:

  • A pricing structure that is more favorable to your situation
  • More control over your publisher network
  • You would like to develop an in-house affiliate program
  • You already have a referral program, or another type of customer tracking or loyalty program, and VigLink would interfere with that program that is already in place on your website
  • You use a platform that does not work with VigLink (like Big Cartel)

VigLink has many terms that you can customize if you'd like to work with merchants in addition to us through their platform. You can learn more about what these terms are here.

Ready to Register with VigLink?

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