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How We Work

Unicorn Goods is a website for vegan products. We list your products on our website,, where people can shop for them. When someone finds something that they like, they click AVAILABLE HERE, where they are taken to your website to purchase the item. We track these referred sales through affiliate marketing, and make a 10% commission. If you are unfamiliar with this process, you can learn more here. We work mostly with certified vegan brands that are market-ready. Learn more about who we work with and why.


Make it easy for vegans to find you and support you. 


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Our commission is based on order subtotals of referred customers. We don't collect a commission on taxes, shipping, or other fees.


Referred customers have 60 days to make a purchase before our system resets.


You can reject a returned item's transaction through your VigLink dashboard. Then, VigLink will remove the commissions and will not bill for those commissions.


VigLink send you an invoice at the beginning of each month for your payments for the previous month.

Our Brands Rule

We work with the best brands from around the world to help them sell their vegan products. Explore the map below and click on a company to learn more.

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Thanks for representing vegan brands like us! - Co-founder of Starling & Ivy, Unicorn Goods Partner Brand

Thank you so much for helping me out here, it means a lot! I really appreciate everything y'all do!!!! It's nice to have a trusted source to go to to know that I'm buying 100% vegan stuff!!! Y'all rule! - Avery P., Unicorn Goods customer

Thank you so much, we are all immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with the Unicorn Goods team! Thank you for setting us up and for the all information and support you have given to help us promote this amazing news with others. It is such a pleasure and inspiration to be a part of something so wonderful and working with others who share our passion. Thank you so much for all that you do. - Dee, Brand Manager of Aura Makeup, Unicorn Goods Partner Brand

Thanks for doing a great job, I’m forever sending people to your site when they’re converting to vegan goods! - Laura Stageman, Founder of Votch, Unicorn Goods Partner Brand