Registration Steps


For Registering with VigLink


STEP 1: Double check that you use a website service that VigLink can work with. VigLink can work with the following website service shopping cart providers.

VigLink cannot currently work with Weebly, Wordpress, Big Cartel or Etsy stores. Please refer to the section "Platforms VigLink Does Not Work With" on the page Get An Affiliate Network for next steps if you operate on one of these platforms. If you don't use any of these platforms, please contact us directly and we can help you with next steps.

STEP 2: Click the REGISTER WITH VIGLINK NOW button below.

STEP 2: Fill out your Account Details and User Details.

STEP 3: Under Additional Questions, select CPS (cost per sale), indicate Unicorn Goods as where you heard about VigLink, and input 13.5% as the commission rate, like this:



STEP 4: Agree to Terms and Conditions.

STEP 5: Click SIGN UP.

STEP 6: Wait for VigLink to contact you to complete setup.


What to Expect Next

After you register with VigLink, the VigLink staff will contact you and walk you through how to place the affiliate tracking pixel into the shopping cart section your website. Then, you will be added to the VigLink network and we will be able to refer sales to you. 


This will take you away from our site to our partner's site.